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Park Bo   14-10-02   
神軒   14-10-02   
YungLai   14-10-02   
Haha her pout is so cute <3
BOMDAY   14-10-02   
砂戚 馬闘 姉姉姉
beaboom   14-10-03   
I love you, bom and the BOM.
Jia-rooo   14-10-03   
her facial expressions are all cute no matter how serious she is ^^
bommichinabj   14-10-03  DELETE
My Angel bom
bomalldaway   14-10-03   
adorable cutie pie <333333333333
Purpleisnotgayy   14-10-04   
why so beautiful ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
momo1019bom   14-10-07   
angel bom
JayJp   14-10-08   
excuse me . where can i buy pong pong hippo in seoul ?
haru砂   14-10-09   
坐亀坐亀 戚斯砂⊂
砂殖蟹   14-10-15   
瑳 凶原陥 訊 戚係惟 戚斯亜推ばばばばばばばばば
琵杯社鰍   14-10-17   
牌雌砂   14-10-23  DELETE
繕慎辞   15-01-22   
舛源 砂戚情艦澗 古径赤澗 依 旭壱 格巷 森撒推~~~~
RlNt1h0vX   15-02-24  DELETE
Geez, that's unaebievlble. Kudos and such.
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